A Different Take On Professional Development

Tabor Ascend PD Workshops are different because they have been developed with flexible attendance options to allow you to decide what you want out of your PD. Whether you are simply looking for quality professional development, seeking ways to develop your CV, or wishing to work towards a master's degree, we have options to suit you. Attendees can attend workshops for the purposes of:



  • Workshop topics selected based on community feedback to ensure real world application.
  • New workshop dates regularly being released (see below).
  • Designed to support the ongoing growth and development of those involved in education, counselling, chaplaincy, youth work, ministry, leadership, community services and the not-for-profit sector.
  • Centres on the provision of relevant, meaningful and practical PD.


Saturday, 6th May  |  7 Pillars For Cultivating The Spiritual Life (A Spiritual Retreat Day)

Thursday, 25th May & Thursday, 1st June  |  Developing Resilience: Shifting from Survive to Thrive

Friday, 9th June  |  Pedagogies Enabling Redemptive Learning (Perl) (Education Specific)

Tuesday, 22nd & Tuesday, 29th August  |  Conflict Resolution and Effective Listening; Up Your Communication Game!

Friday, 1st September  |  The Gospel: Making It Make Sense, And Making It Matter

Saturday, 18th November   |  Rhythms of Rest for Flourishing Lives (A Spiritual Retreat Day)





7 Pillars For Cultivating The Spiritual Life

(A Spiritual Retreat Day) 

Saturday, 6th May, 9am - 5pm

In this fast-paced world of high stress and demand, time and space are seldom given to the cultivation of a rich spiritual life. This workshop provides the opportunity to engage in a time of reflection and refreshment by examining the 7 key pillars for being and becoming a spiritual contemplative, to both develop and deepen your spiritual life.

(Dr Phil Daughtry)

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Developing Resilience: Shifting from Survive to Thrive

Thursday 25th May & 1st June, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

In an increasingly uncertain, volatile and fast paced world, the need for well-developed resilience is more important than ever before. Our capacity to adapt or recover quickly from challenge or difficulty impacts our ability to cope with stress effectively; safeguard our mental health; sustain professional longevity; maintain hope in hardship; and increase our overall sense of satisfaction in life.  

Delivered over the course of two evenings, this workshop will explore the theory of resilience and the ways you can develop greater resilience through the lens of a self-care framework that encompasses all aspects of the biopsychosocial self.

(Olivia Kearney) 

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Pedagogies Enabling Redemptive Learning (Perl)

(Education Specific)

Friday, 9th June, 9am - 5pm

If relationship, equity and student inclusion are the basis of how you teach or how you want to teach, then this workshop is for you. Spend this time with the authors of the PeRL material who will interactively include you in the teaching philosophy and concepts behind its four pedagogies; Connection, Inclusion, Justice and Voice. Beyond theory, this workshop will also provide you with opportunity to explore practical teaching ideas and how they may be integrated into your particular teaching context.

(Dr Tracey Price and Dr Victoria Warren)

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Conflict Resolution and Effective Listening; Up Your Communication Game!

Tuesday, 22nd & Tuesday, 29th August, 5:30pm - 8:30pm


Part A – Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict is an inevitable part of inter-personal relationships. Therefore, developing the skills necessary to manage conflict effectively is essential if we wish to maintain healthy and growing relationships - both in our professional and personal lives. This workshop will examine key conflict styles and provide you a number of highly practical skills that can easily be contextualised to help you resolve conflict in a variety of environments.

Part B – Relearning to Listen

Most of us believe ourselves to be great listeners. But do we really grasp what we communicate to others by the way that we listen? This workshop will increase your awareness of common unhelpful listening habits that may be undermining your interpersonal interactions, as well explore the key skills underpinning effective listening in order to help you “up your communication game.”

(Sam Smith)

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The Gospel: Making It Make Sense, And Making It Matter

Friday, 1st September, 9am - 5pm

The Great English Puritan Richard Baxter once said, “Christ is a precious pearl, but He is often held forth in leprous hands … and we dull the glory of that Jewel with our dull and low expressions.” None of us want to do that! Whether we are sharing with friends, family, colleagues, clients or students about Jesus, we not only want to make what we share understandable to them, but also show how relevant - indeed essential - Christ is to their lives. This workshop focuses on helping you understand how to do just that, whatever your context.

(Dr Matthew James Gray)

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Rhythms of Rest for Flourishing Lives

(A Spiritual Retreat Day)

Saturday, 18th November, 9am - 5pm

Many of us have a vexed relationship with rest. Intuitively we know our work and relationships are much healthier when we are rested. Yet we often feel too guilty, busy or exhausted to fully enter into the rest we so deeply crave. Held within a gentle and contemplative space, this workshop explores a spirituality of rest and some practical rhythms to help you be restored and re-storied for flourishing living.

(Dr. Bruce Hulme)

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  • Free onsite parking available (please note, entry to Orphanage carpark is accessible via Mitchell Street)
  • Bring a group of 5 or more to receive $50 off the ticket price


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